Children empowered to save their world.

The time, now! The Global Challenge? Environmental Catastrophes! The answer?  Personal Responsibility!

Eco Enrico and his Xtreme Green Team empower future generations with a can-do attitude and the realization that every individual can make a real difference in saving the global environment is the mission of Eco Enrico and the Green Team.

The Adventures of Eco Enrico is an Edu-tainment gaming app combined with the first in a series of electronic books introducing Eco Enrico to the target audience of elementary students and their parents.

We meet Enrico in the e-book storyline and in the game as one child, empowered with the tools required to fight real-world environmental threats. The game has been field tested and child-approved. The book has been read and vetted with leading publishers for consideration in their upcoming lists as an engaging mix of science fiction and environmental education with a multi-cultural cast of characters that emphasizes the truly global nature of this package.


Multi-Platform Approach

Eco Enrico and the Green Team bring the world of Edu-tainment to new heights. Designed to capitalize on the electronic skill-sets of today’s youth the game introduces elementary aged children to the world they will inherit through a series of gaming challenges backed up by e-books and ancillary line extensions which include either cable or web-based animation episodes.

Each episode will introduce new characters with new skill sets to the mix. In addition, there is no place to hide when it comes to doing battle with the Xtreme Green Team. Nine Characters, each with their own back-story and regionally based ecological challenge as identified by the United Nations will face down the impending disaster with skill, determination and collaboration. The combinations are endless in terms of the various characters and the skills they bring to conquer any given challenge.

The story lines are all about conquering evil. The characters are every day children called upon to do extraordinary things. And they do! The games are all about the action, and the clues to solving the various challenges are embedded in both the e-books and the web or cable based series making this multi-platform independent and interdependent at the same time.